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• Indian Naval Hydrographic Department Chart No. 352
(Title: Gopalpur to Paradip)
• Indian Naval Hydrographic Department Chart No. 351
(Title: Approaches to Sandheads )
• Indian Naval Hydrographic Department Chart No. 3017
(Title: Approaches to Dhamra River)
• Indian Naval Hydrographic Department Chart No. 3038
(Title: Approaches to Dhamra Port)
• Indian Naval Hydrographic Department Chart No. 3037
(Title: Dhamra Port)
• All Vessels shall anchor at position advised by Dhamra Port Control and shall report the anchor position and time of anchoring to Dhamra Port Control.

• Vessels shall ensure that both anchor cable hawse pipe security covers are in place and no over-side ladders are put out unless in use as an anti - pilferage precaution. Vessels shall also keep anti-pilferage watch on deck from sunset to sunrise while at the anchorage.

• All Vessels at anchorage shall maintain a radar distance of minimum 4 cables between them.

• Vessels shall display an appropriate day and night signals and fly Indian courtesy flag and other codes as required under international maritime law from sunrise to sunset while at anchorage.

• Vessels shall hoist appropriate flags from sunrise to sunset while at anchorage.

• Vessels shall keep continuous listening watch on VHF channels 14 and 16.

• Vessels shall keep engines on standby at short notice while at anchorage.

• Vessels shall keep security watch as per security level declared by PFSO, Dhamra Port under ISPS Code.

• No Vessel shall carryout any work requiring immobilization while at anchorage without prior permission from the Port Authority.
• Pilotage is compulsory for all the vessels of more than 200 GRT calling Dhamra Port. Any Vessel required to carry a pilot under the Indian Ports Act, 1908 shall not navigate within the harbour unless a Dhamra Port pilot is on board. Pilot boarding station is located at 20°55'.96N 87°08'.04E.

• The Owners' Agents shall submit the Pilot Booking Request (Annexure - III /Annexure - IV) to Port Traffic Control for assigning of pilot for inward/outward movement of the Vessel.

• The pilot transfer arrangements shall be as per SOLAS Regulations as amended from time to time.

• The pilot ladder should be rigged in conjunction with the accommodation ladder (if required) to enable the pilot to ascend or descend the ladder safely.

• The use of any defective boarding equipment is prohibited. This includes accommodation ladders that lead forward and also those that do not rest firmly against the vessel side.

• Under no circumstances should the Vessel circumvent the safety boarding rules and regulations.

• A Vessel's officer in radio communication with the bridge should be in attendance along with two crew members to assist during pilot boarding/de-boarding.

• The pilot shall be escorted from deck to Navigation Bridge immediately upon boarding the Vessel. All necessary formalities shall be carried out at the navigation bridge. The Master and the pilot shall discuss and finalise the pilotage plan keeping all potential hazards, safety parameters and Vessel's characteristics in view. A Passage Plan (Annexure - V) shall be signed by both the Master and pilot. The same is essential before the Vessel approaches to the channel or leaves the berth.

• The Pilotage Certificate (Annexure-VI/ Annexure-VII ) shall be jointly signed by the Master and the Pilot before disembarkation of pilot from the Vessel.
VHF channels 14 and 16 and for email communication to Dhamra Port in below Ids-( marineops@adani.com or cargoops@adani.com)
Navigational restriction:
Length of Navigational Channel: 18.0KM leading from NNE to SSW. Channel is buoyed with Red and Green IALA B.
Channel Depth: 18.0M Width: 170- 240M

LOA: Upto 290M Beam upto: 47M.

Vessel DWT upto 1,50,000 can enter the channel any time day and night, DWT > 1,50,000MT require 2.0m Tide and can enter twice a day.

Navigational channel do not have contingency anchorage/parking area therefore one vessel at a time will be navigated in the Channel.

Total transit time in Channel: about 2.0hrs @ 7 to 8 kts.
Both Berthing and Sailing movements depends upon Tide
(Fyi -attached Tide table for Nov,2015 for Dec-15, so far we have not received)
A) The weather parameters for operating the Vessel at Port will depend upon the circumstances prevailing at that time. The Port Authority will consider the circumstances before taking any decision to suspend and/or resume operations.

B) Warning on severe weather conditions will be intimated to all the Vessels. Port Authority shall decide about shifting of the Vessels from berth to anchorage on the basis of severity of weather conditions which shall be communicated to the Vessels.

C) The Port will hoist signals on top of Port Signal Station in case of adverse weather conditions as per norms.
Timings as -0600 hrs to 1400 hrs
1400 hrs to 2200 hrs
2200 hrs to 0600 hrs
Fresh water supply by registered vendors only and they supplied by tanker (lorry) only
FUEL HSD only supplied by IOCL after getting 100% advance payment and required 3 to 4 working days.
PROVISION- Provision can be supplied both at Anchorage as well as berth by registered Ship Chandler only.
SHORE GANG not available,Vessel should provide gang way
Not Available.
DOMESTIC AIRPORT- Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneshwar INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT- Kolkata, Delhi or Mumbai
Official Holidays Saturday & Sunday However operations carried out 24 hours
MARINE DEPARTMENT Capt. Mirza Baig Harbour Master +91-9937006052
MARINE DEPARTMENT Capt. Pradyut Sekhar Patra DY. PFSO +91-7894408123
MARINE DEPARTMENT Ramesh Chandra Lenka PFSO +91-7894409546
OPERATION DEPT Capt. Satyajit Sr. Manager +91-7894461560
BB-1 16-17.2 (mtr) 290 mtr 47 mtr NA Coal Discharge - 10000-12000 per shift discharge by two numbers mechanical shore unloader connected to conveyor belt line.
BB-II 16-17.2 (mtr) 300 mtr 50 mtr NA Ion Ore Ore, Pellets and Thermal Coal - 8000-10000 per shift cargo to be load by one shore loader
BB-III 16-1720. (mtr) 300 mtr 50 mtr NA Gypsum,Limestone,Cement clinker etc - 8000-10000 per day (ships crane or harbour mobile cranes
PORT DUES PER GRT USD – 0.05 Terms and Conditions
1.Port dues will be levied only once for entry of a vessel,irrespective of any change of her name/steamer agents/owners, during the stay in the port, How ever, port dues will be levied again if the same vessel is deployed for loading of cargo after completion of discharge cargo.
2.Any vessel entering the port from outside the port limits shall be treated as fresh entry.
3. Port Dues will not be charged for the following vessels.
a. Any vessel, which having left the port limits, is compelled to re-enter by stress of weather or in consequence of having sustained any damage.
b.Any Vessel leaving the port limits due to cyclone threat and re-enters.
PILOTAGE (Upto 59999 GT) PER GRT USD 1.9731 1.Pilotage and towage services shall be provided on the basis of requisition submitted by steamer agents for both inward and outward movement of the vessel.
2.Pilotage and Towage charges shall be levied at applicable rates subject to minimum of USD 2,250 per call for pilotage and towage of vessels.
3.Pilotage and towage charges include one inward and one outward movement of the vessel.However, if the same vessel is deployed for loading of cargo after completion of discharge of cargo,then the second call will be treated as a fresh call and pilotage and towage charges will be levied again on such vessel.
PILOTAGE (For 60000 GT and above) PER GRT USD.2.0743 Pilotage charges for vessels of 60000 GT and above
BERTH HIRE (up to 59999 GT) RATE PER HOUR/GRT USD -0.01 1.The time for purpose of levy of berth hire charges shall be reckoned from the "First line Ashore" to "all lines cast off".
2. If a vessel is re-deployed for loading after completion of discharge of cargo without casting off from the berth,ther berth hire charges for discharging vessel will be charged up to the time the NOR is tendered by the vessel for loading of cargo.The Berth Hire Charges for loading vessel will be applicable from the time of such NOR.If the vessel shifts to anchorage for any reason,Berth Hire Charges shall be charged as per section
3. 1 above.
BERTH HIRE for 60000 GT or above RATE PER HOUR/GRT USD 0.0105 Anchorage charges are applicable for all vessels coming to Dhamra Port
ANCHORAGE CHARGES RATE PER HOUR/GRT USD 0.001 PER GRT Anchorage charges are applicable for all vessels coming to Dhamra Port.

Anchorage charges will be applicable from the time of vessel dropping anchor till the time the pilot board the vessel for berthing.
Pilot Attendance charges PER HOUR USD 100 when a pilot is required to stay on board the vessel on request of the master or when the port decides to post a pilot for safety of the vessel/port.
Pilot Exemption charges USD 900 Exemption certificate (maximum validity 30days)
Pilot Detention charges Berthing process charges NIL For First 30 minutes delay from the nominated pilot boarding time
USD 1500 Per 30 minutes slab and applicable when delay is more than 30 minutes
Pilot Detention charges Unberthing process charges NIL First 30 minutes delay from the nominated pilot boarding time
USD 1500 Per 30 minutes slab and applicable when delay is more than 30 minutes
Tug hire for transportation
USD 540 Per 30 Minutes slab.If the same tug is used by two different parties for different vessels then each party to pay the said charges (Maximum 10 persons at a time)
Ship Store supply charges through tug USD 540 Per 30 Minutes slab. Quantity not allowed more than 56MT (Space permitting) Per trip & Maximum 10 persons at a time.
Service Boat (Per hour) PER HOUR USD 200 Allowed only during settled weather.
Additional Tug Hire Charges (Per Tug) PER HOUR USD 800 Tug Hire charges for any activity (berthing/un-berthing/shifting/warping/tug assistance at berth)

Other than personnel transfer
Pilot cancellation charges

(Berthing process charges)
USD 2945

USD 2945+640
If cancelled between 3.00 hrs till pilot Boarding.

If cancelled after pilot boarding (each 30 minutes slab)
Pilot cancellation charges

(Unberthing process charges)
USD 500

If cancelled between 45 minutes till pilot boarding.

If cancelled after pilot boarding
Warping charges 50% of Pilotage
Shifting/Turnround charges Same as pilotage

Applicable to all vessels.
Inovoice revision

Declaration on behalf of agents
USD 100

USD 100
Per cancellation of invoice

Per declaration
VCN Cancellation USD 9 PER VCN
Gangway (request to be made prior to berthing USD 100 Per calender day
Hydra USD 150 Per 4 hours slab (minimum)