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Value Added Contracted Services

Our highly skilled technical staff arranges varied ship husbanding services, which includes fueling of the ship, providing equipment or materials like navigation charts, arranging crew member trips to the doctor, providing fresh water, working with tugs, pilots, paying necessary fees, making arrangements with contractors to do work on the ship and providing food provisions for the crew etc.

We arrange for ship husbanding through ship chandlers.

We choose most reliable suppliers based on their past track record & ability to offer quality services to our principals.

Stevedoring & Other Services

• On account of our local relationship we ensure best negotiated deals for our principals, through the best stevedoring companies.

• Our team is committed to ensure that each and every job is handled in a swift and efficient manner, with customer service as our highest priority.

• We also have a panel of approved survey companies to render tally and supervision services in order to avoid claims and disputes.